Information Right-The PDPO and GDPR

Information Right-The PDPO and GDPR

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Course Description

This course is a helpful overview of information rights in the UK, EU and Asia.  In this course, we examine who has a right of access to information, the extent of that access, who may they exercise that right and the extra-territorial aspects of that right.   This course is appropriate for all levels of experience and is a fantastic resource for those needing a refresher on general information and privacy rights.

Speaker’s Bio:

Gillian Carrington is a British barrister. She practised for many years at the London Bar specialising in public and environmental law and was appointed directly to the Attorney General’s A panel of counsel (environmental law). After moving to the City of London law firms she specialised in cross-border regulatory work. She currently lives in Berlin where she works with German and British law firms. She is a co-author of Sweet & Maxwell’s Information Rights and has contributed to Halsbury’s Laws.