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Legal Compliance CPD Courses

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Legal Compliance CPD Courses

These are the following Compliance courses you can take in Singapore to have an edge in your legal career: –

Employee Behaviour and Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is a serious problem in a work environment. Understanding the risk and how to minimize this risk is an important topic to both management in law firms as well as employees themselves. In this course we understand the definition of sexual harassment from the historical background and law, we discuss updates to the law and understand how to evaluate and manage the risk of sexual harassment issues in the workplace.

Emerging Data Privacy Risks

Big data has many advantages for companies and individuals, but has potential tremendous downsides for personal and corporate privacy. This course gives an overview of the big data landscape and discusses how you and your company can implement best practices to reduce risk to privacy concerns.

Reducing Data Privacy Risks

With businesses storing data digitally rather than in other forms, how to store and use that data in a commercially viable and legal manner becomes more important. This course recognizes that many law firms and companies store data digitally but discusses how that data can be breached, and how to protect against those breaches.

Professional Skills CPD

Professional Skills courses include:-

Communication Skills for Lawyers

Strong communication skills are an important survival skill in your personal and work life. In the legal world, it affects your practice, affects your business and also is very important to establish yourself as a lawyer.

Drafting Statements

In this course you will be taught the general principles which will guide you through the process of statement drafting, analysing witness statements and making sure all statements are handled appropriately.

Team Collaboration

More than often in legal firms various teams work together and this is always a roadblock for lawyers to engage, collaborate with teams, even on a firm-level or an individual level. This online CPD course will teach how to encourage cooperation, increase teamwork and enhance performance.

Witness Interview

Witness interviews are part of investigations. In legal practice, effective interviews are very important for prudent investigations. Any details if missed can lead to losing a case. Hence, we encourage learning from experts so that you do not leave any details.

Legal Writing

Writing skills are important for everything, it becomes all the more important when it is done for legal purposes. Drafting, writing legal documents become quintessential. Legal Beagle online CPD courses. Course of writing has three courses: – Legal Writing Basics, Commercial Agreement legal writing and Legal Pleadings draft writing. You will learn how to write effectively.

Wellbeing CPD

Wellness CPD compliance training by Legal Beagle in Singapore are:-

Managing Anxiety for Legal Professionals

The legal industry is demanding, it demands your time, lots of energy and leads to anxiety and stress. Anxiety is the most common problem faced by people in the legal industry. These workshops are supplemented by immediate solutions that will help you to get rid of the problem immediately.

Mental Health Awareness for Lawyers

Mental wellbeing is necessary to live a healthy life. The legal profession is a tough job, anxiety and stress are common to get to you. In this CPD online course, you will be taught how to be mindful, how to manage stress effectively and protect your mental wellness.

Overcoming Depression for Lawyers

The course will provide you insights and you will be guided by professionals on how to deal with depression.

Prevention of Substance Abuse in Legal Profession

Substance Abuse is a problem in the Legal profession. This workshop will help you recognize the victims around you and also help you in gaining insights about how to stay away from such substances.

Mindfulness for Lawyers

In this course, we will learn what the role of mindfulness in the legal profession is and why it’s important while working in a fast-paced environment under high pressure and challenging situations. Mindfulness has many benefits and if practiced regularly it is the answer to all the mental issues in one’s life.