When I try to launch my video, there is a message stating I need to enable pop ups. How can I watch my videos?
I bought the course and am not sure how to access the course.
I paid, but the course has not appeared in My Learning.
Video is frozen or slow or it says ‘You have an unstable internet connection.’
I forgot my password. How do I reset the password?
I tried to reset my password and never received a password reset email.
My Certificate was issued with the wrong name.
My law firm has a corporate membership, but I was a customer before that. Which login information should I use?
I work in the Learning and Development department of my law firm. We want all our lawyers to be able to access Legal Beagle to save time and money for the firm. Is that possible?
How can my law firm cover the cost of my courses?
I purchased my course on July 1 of the practice year ending December 31. Can I use it in the next practice year?