Corporate Membership Plans

Legal Beagle’s Corporate Membership plans offer a range of tailored packages to suit your law firm, your lawyers and your budget.

Whether you wish to offer your lawyers unlimited access to our services or a limited and tailored access to suit your training and budget needs, we work with you to make it happen to provide CPD Compliance training in Singapore.

 Unlimited Subscription Plans

The best value, your lawyers receive full access to the entire Legal Beagle Platform to access all our online Legal Compliance Training, with the option of topping up your plan to include other products. The more fee-earners you include on your plan, the lower the cost per CPD course becomes. Popular with law firms and compliance companies that want to give their lawyers freedom of full access to Legal Compliance training.

 Ala Carte

Our Ala Carte plans offer flexibility for companies and law firms that may want to “dip their toe” into e-learning before signing up for unlimited subscriptions. This plan bills law firms and companies that wish to pay as they go. Discounts are offered the larger number of fee-earners you have. Popular with law firms and companies that are new to e-learning but wish to offer online options to their fee-earners.

 Compliance Package

Our Compliance Packages include courses that law firms and companies may use to deliver compliance training to their fee-earners and staff while also obtaining CPD points. Courses include Anti-Money Laundering, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Sanctions, and other courses, custom to each law firm or company’s preference. Packages can also be “topped up” to include access to our platform at a discounted rate upon request.

 Professional Skills Package

Our Professional Skills Package includes all professional skills courses on our platform. Ideal for law firms and companies that wish to save money on professional skills training, especially smaller law firms and companies that wish to offer these courses to their fee-earners but do not wish to employ expensive live training in their training programs.

 Wellbeing Package

New to Legal Beagle, we are offering wellbeing courses as part of our curriculum, specific to the Legal profession. A series of lectures on mental health and prevention of substance abuse, this package delivers high quality training on wellbeing for lawyers that are factual and credible with lawyers.  This package is extremely popular with law firms that wish to make a statement about commitment to lawyer wellbeing.