Getting to know Legal Beagle (Where, when, why and how it started)


Legal Beagle Online Training started in Hong Kong and was founded in 2017 to offer on-demand online legal training courses in a convenient, affordable and high quality way.

When Legal Beagle Online Training was founded, the market for legal training was 99% live classroom training and there was only one option for online training that was mainly power point presentations with customer service that was difficult to get in touch with. We knew there was a better way.

The Hong Kong legal market was more than ready for innovation and disruption with a solution that offered high quality and affordable options for legal professionals whether they worked at the largest law firms in the world or practiced on their own.

Presently, Legal Beagle holds the title “World’s largest provider of high quality, affordable online legal training accredited by the Law Society of Hong Kong for RME and CPD requirements.” We now have the largest video based online training library accredited by the Law Society of Hong Kong in the world. In less than three years, this is something we are incredibly proud of. This means our customers have a huge amount of content from which to choose.

We have now expanded to Singapore to service our current and future clients.  This allows law firms with offices in Singapore to offer similar content to their lawyers and staff.

With so many leading law firms already working with us, why should you choose Legal Beagle for your online training and compliance needs too?  Trust your peer law firms! Talk to us and tell us what you want and we will listen.

Here are a few reasons many of the leading law firms in Hong Kong have already made the change and chosen Legal Beagle:

  • We offer high quality video based online training

  • Convenience: All our courses can be accessed on a computer, tablet or phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • We have the largest library of, legal training courses video in the world and we keep growing

  • We customize corporate membership plans for you to meet your specific needs

  • We have top speakers and relevant topics.

  • Legal Beagle API (We can put our e-learning content on your LMS!). Law firms can have full control over what their plan looks like, enjoy great quality courses and pay less.

  • Cost Control – This gives Learning & Development and Human Resources leaders the opportunity to control costs on the spot, while also encouraging users to take suggested courses.

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