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Why choose Legal Beagle CPD courses in Singapore?

Online CPD Courses in Singapore

Legal Beagle, Asia’s leading and largest provider for online CPD Courses is proud to be in Singapore.

Founded in 2017 in Hong Kong and working with the largest and most prestigious law firms in the world, our mission is to provide affordable, convenient and high quality on demand CPD courses in Singapore and Asia so that lawyers can access training anywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We believe all lawyers should be able to safely access the finest legal training, regardless of whether they work at large international law firms or in smaller practices.

All of our courses can be accessed on a PC, android and IOS devices from your home, office or remotely. You can take classes while you travel in your car in a taxi anywhere, anytime. We aim to equip you with best legal training at the best prices and with utmost convenience.

Legal Beagle – online CPD Courses – Online Legal Training Provider

Legal Beagle has over fifty on demand online legal CPD courses, making us the largest online legal training provider in Asia.  Our online CPD courses are tailored to provide Singapore lawyers a wide array of choices for training and completing their CPD requirements. From legal practice areas to risk management and compliance with professional skills, we have the lawyers of the program in Singapore who took courses according to their needs at an affordable price point and convenience.  As all our courses are on demand, Singapore lawyers can obtain their CPD requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location.

Legal Compliance courses in Singapore are available at Legal Beagle. Step up your legal career with our compliance CPD courses. These online courses are taught by the very best professionals from their respective fields and our online CPD courses are easy to access and offer valuable insights and training.

Legal Beagle has brought professional online legal courses to Singapore. These legal training programmes are designed with the aim to equip you with the most valuable skills to soar in the legal arena in Singapore. Witness Interviewing, Drafting Contracts, and the Basics of Legal Writing are some of the must have skills for a solicitor.

Lawyers have a difficult professional life. Working hours are long and the pressure in completing matters quickly and correctly require lawyers to perform at the highest levels.  Such a demanding work life takes a huge toll on the wellbeing of the individual. As such, mental wellness is even more important for better performance at work. Legal Beagle provides relevant and meaningful courses taught by expert professionals: Psychiatrists and Mental Health Consultants in order to bring more awareness to the importance of good mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Why choose Legal Beagle CPD courses in Singapore?

Completing CPD requirements in a busy time, or when you are not able to attend training live can be very difficult and may not be possible.  With our on demand online CPD courses, we make it easier for lawyers and law firms to be in compliance with CPD requirements in Singapore.   Find out more about our range of Singapore online CPD courses in our Courses section, or contact us if you have any questions that you’d like answered by a member of our support or technical team.


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